Safe-Frac Well Cleaning

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Mineral Scale Problems
Unicid Granular and Bullets are the first granular acid formulated to work on iron, manganese, even sulfate. Calcium is easy. Use as a single product in wells or systems for mineral scale. Safe to store, ship, and use. Non-corrosive, safe for disposal....and it works! This is not sulfamic. You will see the difference!

Slime Bacteria Problems
Unicid Catalyst is a liquid specifically designed to work with the Granular to effectively remove all forms of slime bacteria, iron bacteria and biological debris. Provides longer lasting results. Non-corrosive. Safe to store, ship, and use. Safe for disposal....and it works, guaranteed!

Replaces standard chlorine
"Sterilene" TM is 200 times more effective at removing the environment for coliform bacteria in wells and pipelines without premixing and control of pH.

WireHog Well Casing Brushes
As much as 90% of mineral or bacterial debris (iron or slime) may be on the inside of the well casing or screen. You can physically remove most of this debris prior to a "Unicid" chemical treatment by wire brushing the screen only for mineral scale or brushing from the static level to the bottom of the well for bacterial debris.

Dechlorinate Sterilene for Disposal
Chlor-“Oust” is a product designed to neutralize or dechlorinate Sterilene when removed from a well or pipeline for proper disposal.
• dissolves very fast as a fine granule
• nuetralizes 100 ppm chlorine (Sterilene) to zero within 4 minutes of recirculation
• has easy to understand directions for usage on site
• even has an easy calculation for maximum product to have on site
• easy and safe disposal to sanitary sewers or land disposal.