Safe-Frac Well Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions


How much more water can I expect from my well after a Hydro-frac®?

Some wells will double their output after Hydrofracturing, but generally speaking a 50% increase is not unrealistic. Well geology along with the method of Hydrofracturing will have the greatest impact on overall production potential.

Will I have better water pressure after Hydrofracturing?

Yes. When the well is full, your pump will use less pressure lifting water out of the well, leaving more available pressure for your lawn sprinklers and shower.

How long does Hydrofracturing last?

When properly done the benefits will last for years. "Use it or lose it" is really the best advice we can give you. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to exercise your well from time to time.

Do you charge if I don’t get any more water?

Once in a while there has been a well that just won't open up, in the past we have gone back at no charge to the customer and Hydrofractured a 2nd time. Remember we are in this together, and we want to see a successful outcome as much as you do.

My well is hard to access. Will your trucks be able to reach it?

Yes. Over the years, SAFE FRAC has developed tools and techniques that allow us to access even the most difficult wells. We have worked on wells located behind pools, buildings and even inside a restaurant.

Will your trucks damage my lawn or driveway?

We have several hundred feet of discharge hose for our tanker trucks. This allows us to leave the heaviest trucks out on the road. Also, by using flotation mats we can get into some pretty sensitive areas, most times when we finish there is little if any trace that we’ve even been there.

How much will Hydrofracturing cost?

Standard Hydrofracturing service to a residential well will run in the $2000 to $3000 range by the time everything is put back together and finished.

Zone fracturing service to a residential well will usually run in the range of $5000 to $7000 when finished and put back together.

NOTE: We have equipment to service 4", 6", 8" and 10" wells, along with multiple Hydrofrac pumps to handle very large wells.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We know well repairs can be costly. And though we are not a bank, we can usually help you through a tough spot. Some conditions do apply so please talk to us first.

What are the risks to my well?

Hydrofracturing is considered a safe and cost effective method of well development and repair. In the event something does go wrong, the worst case would be the need to drill a replacement well.
In the very unlikely event something does go wrong and your well is damaged SAFE FRAC can supply your home with a temporary water module while your replacement well is being drilled.


How long will hydro-cleaning for Iron bacteria last?

Hydro-cleaning is a new technology that we have been developing, a work in progress if you will. Some of our earlier projects are now passing the three to five year marks with very good success.  Again, the secret to our success is the chemistry from Design Water Technologies.

How much does hydro-cleaning cost?

Pricing starts around $1,200 for basic service, and go’s up depending on severity and site prep needed. Ask us about financing if needed.

How will hydro-cleaning save me money?

Filter overhauls can cost upwards to $1,000. Any time you can extend the life of the filter you’re going to see a savings. For example:

Filter overhaul @ $1,000
5 years/60 months = $17 per month average filtration expense
2 years/24 months = $41 per month average filtration expense

Will I still need to use Iron filtration after hydro-cleaning?

Yes, you will still have to use your filtration equipment. Our experience has shown that proper filtration starts at the source, it only makes sense that the cleaner you keep the well, the longer the life cycle you can expect from your filtration equipment.

Will you work with our filtration contractor?

Yes, a big part of what we do is working with other pump and filtration contractors. Your contractor has a keen knowledge of your system, and most likely will be doing service to your equipment in the future, so they should be involved.

Are your well cleaning chemicals safe?

Fortunately, early on we found a company committed to developing safer and more effective well cleaning chemicals, the manufacturer of these chemicals promotes them as "people friendly and environmentally safe."

Can hydro-cleaning be done in conjunction with hydro-fracturing?

Yes, most times hydro-cleaning is a blend of both processes. For example some wells need more attention to shaft cleaning while others need more focus on fracture cleaning and development. This is why every Hydro-cleaning we do is custom tailored to your well’s specific needs.