Safe-Frac Well Cleaning


Hydrofracturing is a process that has been used since the late 1980’s to improve the output of low producing water wells.

How it works

Once the well is capped, large volumes of high pressure water are pumped down the well. This clears the sediment from the veins and allows fresh water to come in. This process of cleaning has gone basically unchanged since the late 1980’s when it was introduced.

Low Pressure Fracking

Low pressure Hydrofracturing is a process that SAFE-FRAC has developed over the last ten years, we feel that it is a much safer way to Frac your well, and in fact we use it on our own wells for Bulk Water Delivery.

Conventional Hydrofrac equipment typically uses one very large Frac pump. By design it makes operation simple, straight forward, and keeps equipment cost down.

The biggest problem with the single pump approach is that when a big pump is started, it is hard to control the shock it puts on the well, and that’s where the failures happen.

While in contrast, using a smaller multiple-pump setup we are able bring on the pressure at much slower and controlled rate. By using this technique we typically see break-out pressures in the hundreds of pounds, not thousands, which is much safer for the well.

Call us to talk about our Hydrofracturing methods for cleaning your well. You will love how your water tastes!