Safe-Frac Well Cleaning

Hydro Cleaning

Hydro Cleaning is a process developed by SAFE FRAC to address the challenges of cleaning an Iron fouled well. Hydro Cleaning has also been effective in knocking out coliform and Iron bacteria.

The Hydro Cleaning Process

Step 1: The well is scrubbed from top to bottom with heavy brushes

Step 2: Tremmie pipe is installed to the bottom of the well

Step 3: Heavy debris is flushed from well with clean water

Step 4: Chemistry is pumped from the bottom up, to 125% of the well's volume

Step 5: Tremmie pipe is removed, and the well is rescrubbed

Step 6: The well is allowed to sit at rest for one hour, to ensure adequate contact time

Step 7: The tremmie pipe is reinstalled, and well is flushed clean

The magic behind Hydro-Cleaning is the chemistry from Design Water Technologies.

For years, well contractors have been taught that when it comes to knocking out bacteria, a little bleach (Chlorine) is good and more is even better. Unfortunately, that’s not true; as a matter of fact it’s just the opposite. As PH go’s up chlorines biocidale ability goes down, that’s right the more bleach you use the less your ability to kill bacteria.